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LIFESTYLE Piano Bar / Cabaret Lounge

Guido’s Piano Bar and Cabaret Lounge

What good is sitting alone in your room… Our piano bar and cabaret lounge is one of our most exciting venues for resident participation with the company of their family and friends. The piano bar events bring everyone out for the lively sing-a-longs, afternoon cocktails, and laughs. Everyone enjoys this opportunity to lift their spirits and to share in the experience as a community.

Come hear the music play… We highlight some of the best pianists and vocalists from the seacoast of Maine and as far away as Palm Springs, California. Some of the region’s best actors entertain us with special musical performances and acts. There is no shortage of variety at Guido’s Piano Bar and Cabaret Lounge.

Life CAN be a cabaret…at any age.

Fun being had at Guido's Piano Bar

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