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The cost of assisted living involves several aspects: a rental component, food, basic personal care (non-medical) services, and various amenities. Currently, the pricing for most other private pay assisted living residences in Massachusetts ranges from approximately five thousand to eight thousand dollars per month, depending on the size of the unit and the amount and type of services provided.

Our rates are substantially less.

We have programs that may work for you and make our assisted living residence affordable:

  • The monthly cost could be adjusted based on your income.
  • You may be eligible for supplemental income from Social Security to help cover the monthly room and board payment.
  • You may be eligible to have your personal care cost paid for through a government program.
  • You may be eligible to receive a veteran’s benefit to help pay for your room, board and personal care costs.
No matter in what state you currently live, these benefits may be available to you.

Call Tom Higgins at 978-463-9809 to discuss the program that is best for you.

We believe in the all-inclusive model. We do not want you to be surprised with additional charges for services that you need. Prior to move in, we will detail what your regular monthly costs will be and when they are due.

We have programs that are based on your income and assets, making our facility affordable for most. We recommend coming in and talking to us about your own situation to see how we can put a program together that is affordable for you.

MassHealth is a state health insurance program that pays for medical care for eligible low-income and medium-income residents of Massachusetts. (NOTE: An out-of-state person may be considered a “resident” of Massachusetts on the day that they move in to our assisted living residence.) Financial and Clinical Eligibility Required.

Commonwealth Care Alliance/Senior Care Options is a wonderful program to assist with personal care, medications, transportation, and other related costs. You need to be 65 or over to be eligible.

SSI-G Supplemental Security Income for Assisted Living is a joint federal and state program intended to guarantee elders a minimum income, regardless of contributions to the Social Security system and resulting benefits. SSI-G supplements an individual's monthly income to assure that they can afford the room and board portion of assisted living costs. Financial Eligibility Required.

Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Program is a very popular program for wartime veterans and their spouses. The Aid & Attendance Pension provides financial assistance for those who require regular assistance from health care workers with activities of daily living as provided for in our assisted living residence. The VA&A Program can provide up to $1,911 per month to a veteran, $1,228 per month to a surviving spouse, or $3,032 per month to a couple to assist with assisted living costs. (Rates may change, so please see the A & A website for current information.) Financial Eligibility Required.

No matter what your income and assets may be, know that the award-winning

Assisted Living Center– Salisbury
is the most affordable senior residence in the region.

Rates & Fees, Example Financial Assistance

Market Rates

Rates (Monthly) as of January 2020
Loft $3,950

Studio $3,975/$4,125

Garden Studio $4,275

Monthly rates include rent, meals, personal care, housekeeping, laundry, utilities, HD cable and wireless internet.

NOTE: rates may change

Move-In Costs (One Time)
Application, Administration & Assessment $1,700

Personal Use Equipment Purchases $125

Service Fees $250

Security Deposit $3,800

United States Veterans & Spouses:
If you served during a time of war, or are the spouse of a wartime veteran, you may be eligible for the Veterans Department Aid and Attendant Program to help pay expenses. Veteran = $1,911; Spouse of Veteran = $1,228; For a couple = $3,032

State and Federal financial assistance programs may help you with monthly payments:
Medicaid, MassHealth, Commonwealth Care Alliance/Senior Care Options (SCO)

Example of Financial Assistance Program
Medicaid, MassHealth, SCO

(There are specific financial and medical guidelines for these programs.)

If your monthly Social Security = $500, you could be eligible for supplemental income from Social Security up to $745, bringing your total monthly income to $1,245

You would pay ALC 93%: $1,180 plus monthly cable = $45

Total monthly payment $1,225*

*Minimum monthly payment. Payment may be more if all sources of income are greater than $1,245.

Basic Rate = $3,975

Assistance Rate = $1,205

Difference = $2,770**

**ALC fundraising efforts, community generosity and program subsidies may contribute to satisfy this difference.

Note: This information is accurate as of November 2019 and does not guarantee any rates, as programs and rates may change.

Adjustments will be made annually based on cost of living factors.

Inquiry & Application Process

We encourage everyone interested to schedule a visit with us and see our residence before starting the application/admission process. It is important that you are comfortable with your new home and the people with whom you will share your days.

Call Tom Higgins, Executive Director for Resident Services & Admissions, at 978-463-9809 or email to schedule a visit.


Step 1 — Complete an Application for Admission with as much information as possible.

Step 2 — Arrange to meet with members of our assessment team to begin to plan for your transition.

Step 3 — Review HIPPA, Disclosure Statement of Rights and Services, EOEA Consumer’s Guide and Residency Agreement with the assessment team.


Step 4 — Secure a place on our Priority Waiting List with $350 nonrefundable deposit to either hold the unit (for 7 days) that you have selected or to be placed on the waiting list for the next available unit in your category (SCO or Private Pay).

Step 5 — Complete and submit all necessary documentation (i.e., financial verification, physician approval forms, 90-day physical verification, Power Of Attorney and health care proxy).

Step 6 — Arrange for final “Success Assessment” from our full assessment team.


Step 7 — Establish move in date and time (if move in date exceeds the 7-day room hold, payment for full rent of the unit may be required at that time, or an additional $350 room hold (nonrefundable) fee will be due for each week extension).

Step 8 — Sign Residency Agreement and other documents.


Step 9 — Make a payment of $2,075 ($1,700 for assessment and administrative fees, $250 for equipment purchase, and $125 rental/one time service fee).

Step 10 — Make a payment of $3,800 security deposit and sign bank card to set up security deposit account at a local bank


Step 11 — Make a payment of first regular monthly room, board, personal care, utilities and cable fees.

Step 12 — Make arrangement for receipt of unit keys; complete unit inspection; establish furnishings and resident move in date and time.

Welcome to your new home!

NOTE: Your process may vary slightly as we try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule when possible.


Quick Introduction & Full Application

Simply fill out the files online and send them to us via email or print them out and mail them to us.


This Quick Introduction Form is intended to help us get to know you so we may assist you in making decisions about your move to our residence. Please complete this so that we are familiar with you the first time we speak.


This Full Application is intended for those who are ready to begin making decisions about joining us at our residence. We will advise you when you need to complete this application. Please print this out and mail it to us at the address below.


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