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Your Private Residence

All of the units here at the Assisted Living Center – Salisbury are private units with private baths. Units are equipped with heating and air conditioning, access to telephone, cable television and free wireless internet access, a small refrigerator and an emergency telephone call system.

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We encourage you to furnish and decorate your unit in a manner that is comfortable and warm, and demonstrates your personal interests and spirit. Please place your furnishings carefully as to not create fall hazards and keep papers, curtains and other flammables away from heating units.

You will be provided with two keys to your unit. You may give one to a trusted family member or friend if you wish, or keep them both with your own belongings. ALCI’s on-duty resident services staff will also have a key to your unit, but will only enter your unit when you are present, with your advance permission, when there is concern about your well being or if there is a building emergency.

Parlors, Pantries and Gardens

You are encouraged to use the parlor areas on each floor for social interactions with your new neighbors, for gatherings of friends and families, or for recreational activities.

There is a pantry area on each floor with filtered water, instant hot water, and a microwave oven for your use at any time.

We hope you will enjoy the sunshine on our great outside deck, or enjoy the summer breezes in the shade of our umbrella sitting area. We have flower and vegetable gardens around the campus for your enjoyment….be sure to take time to stop and smell the flowers...and take a bite of a freshly picked cherry tomato.

Please feel welcome to take your guests on a tour of the facility at any time. We hope that you will bring your family and friends to the administrative offices; we would enjoy meeting the people that are important in your life.

Housekeeping Assistance

The concept behind assisted living is for us to assist you with those daily activities which bring you the most challenges. Our personal care staff will be available to help you accomplish those challenges, but we will also anticipate that you will want to maintain as much of your independence as possible by caring for yourself and your unit as much and as often as you are safely able.

Our staff will be available to assist you with weekly light housekeeping, trash removal and bathroom cleaning, as well as weekly laundry of personal clothing and bed linens. Your individual needs will be identified with your support team managers prior to your move in.

We will supply the toilet tissue for your room, but other supplies, such as tissues, napkins, paper towels and personal hygiene products need to be supplied by you. You should also have some basic cleaning products and some dining items for when you have refreshments or snacks in your room.

All of these products are available to you at our general store located on the third floor.

Maintenance and Upkeep of your Home

You will quickly get to know our maintenance staff, as they work diligently to maintain your residence in a manner consistent with the high standards that are established for them. You do have a role in the upkeep of your unit and of the campus in general – and that is to be sure to alert the office staff to any problems that may arise in your unit – such as a dripping faucet or a loose doorknob, or any issues that you may notice throughout the building.

Your Community Has Much to Offer

Activities and Special Events

Throughout the week, there are activities coordinated with the hope of keeping your mind stimulated, your fingers nimble, and your heart light. Some are group activities that are led by the lifestyle coordinator, and some are established for an individual or for a small group of residents to participate in at any time. Some activities are impromptu and just for fun, while others are planned and have a purpose. Whatever the goal, the reason is to keep you socially active in your new community.

You will receive a monthly calendar of the planned activities in your mailbox at the beginning of each month, but always look for the schedule on the bulletin board at the general store and in the elevator. Check out the Lifestyle: Activities and Happenings section of this website for more information on all we have to offer.

Personalized Strength Training and Armchair Exercise Programs

Depending on your own personal wellness goals, you can participate in an armchair exercise program - which is a group format and great fun – or you can coordinate an individualized strength and agility program with our geriatric fitness trainer twice per week. Or why not do both? Check out the Lifestyle: Staying Active section of this website for more information on all we have to offer.

Religious Services

Periodically each month, local clergy or their representatives make available to you a monthly service, Chaplet of the Rosary, or private visitation times. Friend and relatives are welcome to join.

Nellie’s General Store Has it All

Nellie’s General Store, located on the third floor, has just about everything you could possibly need, and at reasonable prices. Nellie’s is open weekdays at lunch time. We encourage residents to shop at Nellie’s as it keeps you independent and involved in your community (and the store is operated as a fundraiser for your own Residents’ Activities Fund.)

Gift certificates are available in $1.00 denominations. They make great gifts at holidays and birthdays, or can be purchased by families to give to the resident for their daily needs in place of cash. Gift certificates may be purchased in the general store or in the administrative office.

Charge accounts may be set up for purchases in Nellie’s General Store and will be billed monthly along with the regular room, board and personal care charges.

Connie’s Cuts and Curls Hair Salon

Connie’s Cuts and Curls, our hair salon, is located on the third floor. A hair stylist is available weekly (at a reduced rate for our residents) for men and women.

Charge accounts may be set up for salon services and will be billed monthly along with the regular room, board and personal care charges.