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Resident, Family and Community Comments

Below are some actual notes that we have received from residents and their families.


"We want to thank you so very much on the wonderful care you all provide on a daily bases to Ernie.  He very much appreciates it and enjoys staying there very much.   Last month we got to attend the cabaret piano bar sing along with Arthur, Debbie and Justin - what a wonder, thoughtful, event!! (brought tears to our eyes).   And a special thanks to Carmen, Diane (Ida) and all the other staff (cooks included) for making Ernie's stay there so special.   What a positive difference you make in his life.    The Family of Ernie D.

"On behalf of P.D.'s family we wish to express our sincere appreciation to each and every one of you. You transformed a period of our family's life that could have been extremely stressful and debilitating into one of good times, humor, exceptionally good care and as near an atmosphere of family unity as we could have hoped for." - H & G M.

"...she arrived to music being sung, and began singing herself." - NB

"...we appreciate your support, understanding and patience, and the extra things (big & small) that you did for M., because we were too far away to do them ourselves." - J & E

"Our family thanks you for helping to make Mom's final years enjoyable and rewarding,  She loved the staff and was excited about all the activites - exercise class, book group, coffee klatsch, piano bar, Wii bowling, Bingo, holiday feasts and parties!  She hardly had time to talk on the phone anymore!  Please extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all who touched her life at the Center."  JF

"I feel compelled to let you know how happy and secure my mother L. is at the "home" that you provide for her. My mother is special and loves life, and loves to have a good time. Thank you all for being a part of her good times at the Assisted Living. Marcia...remember the polkas?" - M.

"Thank you so much for this holiday party. I had so much fun..and have never laughed so much. I had the best time." - D.

"I will never cease to be amazed at the patience and kindness you show to all the folks that are in your care. You are all to be commended for doing such an exemplary job. Thanks to all the people that make life so much better for so many. I have a special appreciation for all of you unsung heroes and heroins and deeply appreciate what I know to be a hard working group." - P.K.

"Thank you for the spectacular holiday feast!" - G.

"Thank you so very much! You all do a great job in caring for the residents and my Mom is much happier here, so we are very happy! - L.