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AFFORDABILITY inquiry & application process

We encourage everyone interested to schedule a visit with us and tour our residence before starting the application/admission process. It is important that you are comfortable with your potential new home and the people with whom you will sharing your days.

Call Tom Higgins, Resident Services Program Director, at 978 463 9809 to schedule a visit.

Initial Contact

Step 1 - Complete an Application for Admission with as much information as possible.

Step 2 - Arrange to meet with members of our assessment team to begin to plan for your transition.

Step 3 - Review HIPPA, Disclosure Statement of Rights and Services, EOEA Consumer’s Guide and Residency Agreement with the assessment team.

Agreement to Move Forward

Step 4 - Secure place on Priority Waiting List with $350 non refundable deposit to either hold the unit (for 7 days) that you have selected or to be placed on the waiting list for the next available unit in your category (GAFC/SCO or Private Pay).

Step 5 - Complete and submit all necessary documentation (i.e. financial verification, physician approval forms, 90 day physical verification, POA, health care proxy.)

Step 6 - Arrange for final “Success Assessment” from our full assessment team.

Following Approval for Residency

Step 7 - Establish move in date and time (if move in date exceeds the seven day room hold, payment for full rent of the unit may be required at that time, or an additional $350 room hold (non-refundable) fee will be due for each week extension).

Step 8 - Sign Residency Agreement and other ALC documents.

Payment Schedule (Within 2 Business Days of Signing Residency Agreement)

Step 9 - Make payment of $1,895 ($1,700 for assessment and administrative fees and $195 for equipment purchase/rental/one time service fees).

Step 10 - Make payment security deposit and sign bank card to set up security deposit account.

Prior to Moving In Belongings

Step 11 - Make payment of first regular monthly room/board/ personal care, utilities/heat and cable fees.

Step 12 - Make arrangement for receipt of unit keys; complete unit inspection; establish furnishings and resident move in date and time.

Step 13 - Welcome to your new home!

NOTE: Your process may vary slightly as we try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule when possible.