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LIFESTYLE fitness zone & staying active

How our Fitness Zone program works:

Step One

Deb Fichera, R.N., our resident services program nurse, meets with each participant to discuss their interest and the benefits of the fitness program for their particular needs.

Step Two

Deb Fichera consults with your primary care physician to secure written authorization for your participation in the program.

Step Three

Debbie Choate, B.S. Physical Fitness & Health, works with each resident to develop an individualized fitness plan based on their primary care physician’s recommendations and the resident’s personal goals. Debbie will provide individualized training and supervision during each session.

Step Four

Deborah and Debbie will monitor each resident’s progress and will coordinate changes in their program with their physician.

Some of our equiptment includes:

  • Chair cycle – an aerobic exercise for the lower extremities from a seated position
  • Seated Walker – another aerobic exercise for the lower extremities
  • Pinch Rack – for finger and hand strength
  • Looping Frame – for finger, hand and arm strength
  • Seated Hand Cycle – for the upper extremities
  • Resistance Bands – for range of motion
  • Shoulder Wheel – for range of motion
  • Overhead Pulley – for arms and shoulders

Other exercises may be incorporated into a routine, depending on ability and goals.

Armchair Exercise Group

If a more lighthearted - yet therapeutic – group exercise appeals to you, join our Armchair Exercise Group.

Every major part of the body is worked, from head to toe. Through a series of stretching exercises, arm and leg extensions, neck rotations, and torso stretches, this armchair exercise gives a full workout.

Most residents who participate in the Armchair Exercise Group also participate in the Fitness Zone program.

We offer other opportunities also through our Springtime Walking Club or our Wii Bowling League.