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BENEFITS independence & privacy

Coming and Going

You are welcome to leave the residence and return at your leisure as often as you like; we just require that you inform a member of the personal care staff that you will be leaving so we do not become unnecessarily concerned about your absence from a meal or when not responding to a knock on your door or telephone call.

Evening/Overnight Access

Outside doors are usually locked at dusk, with the exception of the door at main entrance near the elevator (at the rear of the building). This door remains unlocked until 10 pm.

If you plan to return after 10 pm, or have guests that will be visiting after that time, please let the on duty staff member know by calling the emergency line at 978-463-9176.

There is also a buzzer at the back door that you can use to alert the staff member that you are there, but keep in mind that the staff member may not hear the buzzer if they are with another resident or dealing with a situation which they can not leave at that time. It is best that you make arrangements ahead of time to have the door unlocked for you.


We encourage your family and friends to visit with you as often as you like, either in your unit or in the community areas. We ask that you use 9 pm as a curfew for visitors, as most of your neighbors have settled in for the night by that time.

Overnight visitors are not permitted at anytime. On occasion, during a period of medical rehabilitation, the support team managers will consider allowing an overnight guest to stay with you to assist and comfort you.

Pets as Visitors

Pets are welcome to visit you in your unit if the pet is well trained and not aggressive or intimidating at any time to any one.

Prior to a pet visiting with you on the property, copies of current immunizations for the visiting pet must be registered with the administrative office. Required immunizations include rabies and distemper at a minimum.

For your safety, the safety of our other residents and staff, and for the well-being of animals, you are not allowed to have a pet in the residence on a regular/overnight basis.

We may at any time - with or without giving reason - prohibit a pet from visiting you here at the facility if they feel that the animal could be a danger, health or safety hazard or threat to any of the other residents, staff, or visitors.

Pets are never allowed in the dining room, general store or in the kitchen facilities, unless they are certified to assist a vision or hearing impaired person.