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BENEFITS frequently asked questions

What is your philosophy?

We are here to offer our residents assistance with their medical necessities, to offer encouragement with life’s challenges, to applaud their desire to maintain their independence, and to be a friend when they need comfort.

Who is appropriate for assisted living?

Assisted living is the best alternative for older individuals not requiring 24 hour medical or skilled nursing care. The basic requirement for a resident to be accepted into assisted living is that they need to be able to function somewhat independently, with intermittent assistance from our personal care staff. The resident needs to be able to get around their unit and around the building independently (although they may use a cane, walker or wheelchair), must be able to get themselves in and out of bed and toilet themselves, and make basic decisions about their safety and well being. Additionally, a resident needs to be able to feed themselves in the dining room, although assistance with cutting and special plating of meals is available.

How is assisted living different from long term care (nursing home)?

To explain it simply, our assisted living residence provides you with personal care assistance with the activities of daily living – such as dressing, grooming, medication reminders and housekeeping. Assisted living does not provide skilled care, but instead our registered nurse oversees your health and wellness and assists with coordinating your medical care needs with your primary care physician and/or other care providers. Assisted living gives the resident the opportunity to not only live life independently, but to get support and assistance when needed, friendship and caring when wanted, allowing them to live independently longer.

How is the Assisted Living Center – Salisbury different from other assisted living residences?

The Salisbury center is a non-profit organization, whose focus is directed on caring for the residents of this one facility only. All decisions about the care and well being of the residents are made in-house by a management and care team that know the residents and their families personally. In a center of this size (only thirty private units) the personal familiarity, the consistent attention and detailed follow-though is possible as part of our daily routine.

Why is the Assisted Living Center – Salisbury more affordable than other residences?

When the Assisted Living Center - Salisbury was established in 1994, the decision was made to operate as a non-profit organization with a commitment to focusing resources on outstanding services for elderly and not set corporate profits as it’s priority. Today, through a strong commitment to efficient operating practices, smart purchasing decisions, and aggressive fundraising and grant solicitation programs, we are able to offset some of the costs that would normally be passed on to the residents. We remain the affordable alternative.

When is staff available?

There is trained staff on duty in the building 24 hours each day. There is a registered nurse available on-call at times when not physically present in the building. Other members of the administrative, maintenance and personal care staff are on call 24 hours per day also to deal with emergency situations.

When are residents allowed to have guests?

Anytime, but we do ask that you have respect for your neighbors and try to keep visitors to daytimes and the earlier evening hours.

Are overnight guests allowed?

Overnight visitors are not allowed, except when approved by the resident services program director or nurse on the occasion when your recovery from an illness or minor surgery could be hastened by having a loved one close by.

Are residents allowed to leave for extended periods of time or overnight?

Absolutely. We encourage you to enjoy as active a lifestyle as you wish. You are not restricted from coming and going from the facility as often as you want. Enjoy day or overnight trips with family and friends when the opportunity is there for you.

How are the units decorated?

The nice thing about our residence is that the units provide you with a freshly painted, clean palate to decorate as you wish. Each resident brings in their own furniture, curtains and wall hangings, so the space truly becomes your own home.

How often are the units refurbished?

Units regularly receive fresh coats of paint between residents, and are currently having new cabinets, tile counter tops, bathroom floors, sinks, toilets and medicine cabinets replaced. Carpets throughout the building were replaced recently, as were all furnishings in the living room areas. We recently added 60” high definition televisions to the common living room areas. We are constantly replacing, upgrading and improving.

Are pets allowed?

We are a pet loving residence – but only visiting pets. We do ask that you provide us with verification of current immunizations from the pet’s veterinarian before bringing family pets to visit..